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Have you ever felt tired and frustrated being a man?

Have you ever watched the negative media generated stories about men and thought to yourself, "Are men really that bad?"

Have you ever asked yourself what you can do to insure that you are not acting consistent with the negative stereotypes of men, but instead, you are living the life of your dreams filled with inner peace, great relationships, dynamic health, a rewarding career, financial abundance and a deep feeling of meaning and purpose?

Do you believe that you could have all of these things for yourself?

Well, I believe you can!

You see, contrary to what you see in the media it is absolutely possible for you to live an extraordinary life. You have everything you need right now to create the life of your dreams.

But it won't be easy! It's definitely possible, but, it's going to take some effort and it's going to take some tools.

That's where A New Conversation With Men comes in. The intention of this site is to provide you with the tools necessary to empower you to reach your full potential.

The roles of manhood are changing dramatically for the better but it's important for you to embrace these changing roles if you are truly committed to living the life you were born to live.

So welcome to A New Conversation With Men! I hope you will take advantage of this powerful and positive resource designed specifically to support you in reaching your full potential and creating an extraordinary life.

Be sure to take advantage of the programs and products offered here and share this valuable resource with your friends.

I look forward to your growth and transformation and wish you success in all areas of your life.

Coach Michael Taylor

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Adversity Is Your Greatest Ally

You have everything you need right now to live the life of your dreams!

Without question life can be difficult and challenging. But what if all the challenges in your life were really just stepping stones to living the life of your dreams? Join Coach Michael Taylor as he shares how he was able to overcome being a high school dropout, a divorce, depression, bankruptcy and foreclosure and is now living his dream as an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker and radio & TV show host. In this book you will learn that adversity really is your greatest ally and when you learn to accept this fact you can create the life you were born to live.

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Black Men Rock

Every Black male is capable of living an extraordinary life.

“Contrary to negative media generated stereotypes, I personally believe that Black men are poised to experience unprecedented levels of success in America today. Never have the doors of opportunity been open wider for us to follow our passions and create the life of our dreams. For those of us who are willing to make the investment in our own personal growth and development, we will be rewarded with great relationships, dynamic health, financial abundance, spiritual connection, a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment and the opportunity to give back to our communities and change the world for the better. What has been missing in the past is a resource guide to support Black men in this endeavor and therefore I have created “Black Men Rock” as that resource to support them in creating extraordinary lives.” Coach Michael Taylor

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A New Conversation With Men

It's time to create a new paradigm of masculinity that empowers men to reach their full potential.

A New Conversation With Men is a book written to empower men to create a new paradigm of masculinity that supports them in living extraordinary lives. In this new paradigm, men learn that it is important for them to be in touch with their emotions, maintain dynamic health, find their passions in life, develop a spiritual connection that nurtures their soul and give back to their communities in some way. It is a book that is starting a revolution for men around the globe to learn to become genuinely happy with their lives.

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Brother’s Are You Listening?

Don't believe the hype of the negative media.

Brother's Are You Listening? A Success Guide For The New Millennium. This empowering book challenges men to redefine success and create a life that is truly worth living. Despite obvious challenges being a black male in America, there are unlimited opportunities available for any man who is willing to have a vision and work hard to bringing that vision to reality.

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